STORYTELLING – Sagnsé a Breaking codes brand

Sagnsé hair are not just human hair but indeed fashion accessories for women and ATTENTION … MADE IN DUBAI flying first class toward Africa and the International scene.

Sagnsé hairs are not just human hair extensions but indeed fashion accessories for women and ATTENTION … MADE IN DUBAI flying first class toward Africa and the International scene. A brand with an African sensitivity marketing selling* human hair made in Dubai … Needless to say that with such an oriental way of “Senegalese ” flow, Sagnsé plays the subtle extravagance’s card… A hair trends uninhibited, free, humble conveyed by a perceptible branding.
… A lot was necessary to stay in theme…

Ultimate glamour and fantasy express by a BLUE PURPLE color code…
Reusable packaging, never before seen on the market…futuristic holographic design inspired by African & Middle Eastern shiny colors.
And as if all of was not enough, we close the parade with a valuable accessory “100% human hair extensions” that once worn, captures all the attention…

It’s trendy here, we take the height… A real trip …

BRAND VISION – Human Hair as fashion accessories

More than a brand of human hair extensions and lace wigs, Sagnsé is a lifestyle and beauty partner, who speaks and invites modern women of this world to live a unique experience.

Passionate about all the possibilities that the human hair can offer, Sagnsé is a new vision which sees this hair as an accessory to express the image that one wants to affirm.

Yes, ladies… In a world in constant renewal especially in The fashion industry where clothing, shoes and accessories are in perpetual evolution, the same goes for hair trends.

No matter the age, the cultures, the status or the opportunities, the beauty is one of women priorities and that passes by regular capillaries changes.

Depending on their desires, moods, tastes or even fashion trends, they want to try various hairstyles, colors, or shapes…

This universal trend shows us that nowadays the hair is no longer a frozen element in time ; it becomes a means of personal expression and especially a true fashion accessory in its own right.

It’s in this perspective that Sagnsé brings a tailored response to your desires to make your natural hair your unique and glamorous way of expression without changing your hair’s nature, texture or color.

With Sagnsé, live beauty your way and its appeals !


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